Leadership Team

Tom Harris, CEO - HMB, Inc

Tom Harris

Founder And CEO

Tom Harris isn’t your average CEO. Sure, he has a prestigious degree from The Ohio State University, PMP certification, and over 30 years of technology development experience. He’s also a recipient of the coveted Small Business Leader of the Year and CEO of the Year awards. But these achievements are not what really makes Tom remarkable…

John Mackessy

Founder And CFO

John is the “M” in HMB and a hallmark of the company’s unique culture. Early in his career, John became frustrated with consulting firms that cared more about profit margins than people. True to form, he set out to be a leader of change.

John Mackessy, CFO - HMB, Inc.
Doug Donovan, CSO - HMB, Inc.

Doug Donovan


A recognized technology leader, Donovan leads as HMB’s Chief Strategy Officer and oversees the development of HMB’s Professional Services.

Dan Whetstone

President, Client Services

Dan Whetstone is one of the first people ever recruited by HMB. Picked up by CEO, Tom Harris in 1995, he climbed the ranks from senior consultant to Partner and the company’s newly-appointed President of Client Services. But more important than the title, Dan is a man with serious integrity; a leader worth following.

Dan Whetstone - President Client Services
John Paider, President - Capture Division

John Paider

President, Capture Division

John joined HMB in 1999 as a developer fresh out of college. Today, he is President of HMB’s Capture Division, which aligns data capture software and hardware with business applications to help customers reduce costs, accelerate processes and become more efficient.

Ken Tietz


Ken is a triple threat. He has an entrepreneurial spirit, deep IT acumen, and serious tenacity. This is why HMB made him president of professional services. HMB needed a force of nature driving their innovative technology solutions to market, and knew Ken was it.

Ken Tietz, President Software Products - HMB, Inc
Jared Faris, Vice President, Solutions - HMB, Inc.

Jared Faris

Vice President, Solutions

Jared is Vice President of Solutions at HMB. He spends his time thinking about IT strategy, building cool things and making sure the developers around him are given the tools and training they need to succeed.

Becky Darche

Director, Human Resources​

Becky is the Director, Human Resources at HMB. With over 12 years of experience, she is an expert at all things HR with a mission to provide HMB’s employees with excellent customer service. 

Becky Darche, Director HR