Dan Whetstone

President, Client Services

Dan Whetstone - President Client Services

Fun Facts

Dan Whetstone is one of the first people ever recruited by HMB. Picked up by CEO, Tom Harris in 1995, he climbed the ranks from senior consultant to Partner and the company’s newly-appointed President of Client Services. But more important than the title, Dan is a man with serious integrity; a leader worth following.


He’s a “do what you say you’re going to do” kind of guy with a penchant for guiding the next generation toward professional greatness. He’s a true believer in the magic of possibility, and this makes Dan uniquely suited for life in the world of technology. At HMB, Dan is mission control behind the development and deployment of business application systems. He puts together a ground team, negotiates contracts, monitors roll-out, and makes sure that all client expectations are met with precision.


Outside the office, Dan is a humanitarian who is resolute on using his practical skills to help others. He also has a serious case of wanderlust that satisfies his interest in different cultures. To feed his imagination, he cooks gourmet meals, travels to various National Parks, and muses about the future of technology.