John Mackessy

Co-Founder, Chief Financial Officer

John Mackessy, CFO - HMB, Inc.

Fun Facts


John is the “M” in HMB and a hallmark of the company’s unique culture. Early in his career, John became frustrated with consulting firms that cared more about profit margins than people. True to form, he set out to be a leader of change.

John is forthright and altruistic. Driven by the moral principle — do the right thing, he influenced the creation of a company that prioritizes consultants, keeps promises, and earns trust by repeatedly delivering quality service.

You don’t often hear “creative” and “CFO” used in the same sentence, but John breaks the mold. He’s captivated by the ever-evolving industry and views technology as a creative outlet. Coincidentally, it’s this unconventional mindset that makes him uniquely successful as CFO. 

John’s primary focus is putting the right metrics in place to quickly determine the pulse of the business. He is determined to position HMB for sustainable growth but remains adamantly committed to the company’s original vision. Do what’s best for the employees, be genuine, evolve strategically, and deliver quality.

Outside of the office, John travels the world and enjoys making people laugh. He’s also heavily involved in charity work through Catholic Social Services and Knights of Columbus. He believes in the power of human kindness and strives to be a servant leader.