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Unsure How to Get Stared with Automation?

Automation, RPA, machine learning, AI – all of these technologies promise huge ROI.
But, how can organizations get started with this new tech…

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Gain a Competitive Edge.

Now is the perfect time for mid-market companies to take advantage of automation and launch ahead of their competitors.

We believe, when designed with people at the center, AI and machines can extend your capabilities, free you up for more creative and strategic endeavors, and help your organization achieve more.

But taking advantage of emerging tech often requires an experienced guide with a proven plan.

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Process automation is not a one-and-done job.

To really take advantage of RPA you need a consistent execution strategy that builds on success over time.

RPA Maturity Roadmap

HMB has a battle-tested plan to help organizations get started or mature their automation strategy.

Our approach focuses on delivering business value every step of the way.

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Step 1: Initial Planning

Identify Automation  Goals, Foundational Team, and Partnerships

In this phase, you’ll focus on building organizational commitments and budgets before the journey begins.

You’ll also create an internal proof of value model, identify a process champion, technical resources, and create the initial plan that will continue momentum.

Outcomes of the Initial Planning Phase:

  • Establish your RPA team
  • Identify a process champion to drive RPA in the organization
  • Select your software
  • Develop skills and initial processes
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Step 2: Quick Start

Show the value of RPA early and determine potential challenges.

In this phase, you’ll run an automation process in production for the first time.

You’ll be able to show the organization how automation processes drive business efficiency, reduce human error, and free up resources to focus on more complex problems.

Outcomes of the Initial Planning Phase:

  • Show business value early
  • Gain organizational support
  • Build additional use cases
  • Survey internal and external stakeholders
  • Revise methodology and frameworks based on feedback
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Step 3: Establish Foundation

Build on your success and start creating a backlog of demand.

Promote and evangelize the use cases you have implemented within the organization to encourage further automation across all business lines. 

Build a foundation for scale, growth, and stability.

Outcomes of the Initial Planning Phase:

  • Qualify additional processes for automation
  • Establish a demand prioritization framework
  • Develop skills and initial processes
  • Continue growing your internal automation team and their expertise
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Step 4: Accelerate & Optimize

Improve delivery with reusable components and refined processes.

Establish RPA as a  baseline activity in the organization. Manage your metrics and focus on priority and high value work.

Develop a mature demand management and flexible staffing process to predict, manage, and respond to RPA demand.

Outcomes of Accelerate & Optimize Phase:

  • Establish a mature demand management that aligns automation with organizational goals
  • Promote RPA as a key performance objective across all business lines
  • Implement AI and machine learning to create more sophisticated and accurate RPA outcomes

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