HMB Employee Benefits

“I’ve always believed that you win with people.”

Tom Harris, CEO – HMB, Inc.

While you are working your hardest on opportunities that will define your career, HMB makes sure your environment provides for you. On day one, we make sure you’re welcomed in and have everything you need. Day-to-day, you’ll enjoy spending time with co-workers who seem more like family.

You’ll take on projects that challenge you, and you’ll do your best work, and you will work your hardest … and there will be plenty to celebrate. Oh…and then there’s the benefits you’ll enjoy…

Core Benefits

Complete Medical, Dental, and Vision Coverage

HMB cares about the health and wellness of our employees and their families.

Maternity and Paternity Leave

As your family grows, HMB wants you to have the time you need to care for your new baby or arrange for the adoption of a child.

Life Insurance and Short and Long-term Disability

HMB wants our employees to have the peace of mind that comes from being prepared for the unexpected.

Financial Benefits

Competitive Salaries

HMB rewards our dedicated team with competitive salaries, a generous profit sharing plan and annual performance-based bonuses.

Annual Performance Bonus Plan

HMB annually recognizes each employee’s contributions with individual performance-based bonuses.

Retirement 401(k) Matching

Planning for retirement is important. HMB employees have access to financial planning expertise through our 401(k) provider and the opportunity to contribute to the company’s plan on a pre or post-tax basis. HMB will match employee contributions up to 4% of the employee’s salary.

Year-end Deferred Profit Sharing

Since each team member plays an important role in our organization, HMB believes it’s important that everyone benefits from our success.

Education & Training

Gadgets for Geeks Program

HMB will reimburse employees 50% of the cost of purchases for personal hardware and software products.

Training Curriculum

HMB invests in the professional development of our employees through training programs and certification preparation classes and exams. Management approved learning materials, classes and exams are fully covered.

Tuition Reimbursement

If an HMB employee decides to gain further education in a related business area, the firm will reimburse tuition expenses and classroom fees up to $5K annually.

Professional Fees and Subscriptions

100% of professional membership fees and subscriptions will be paid for by HMB. This includes organizations and periodicals related to the computer, business or IT consulting industries.

Additional Incentives

Performance Evaluations and Promotions

Performance evaluations are held annually.


New employees enjoy 21 days of Paid Time Off. PTO covers vacation, holidays and personal time off.

Employee Referral Bonus

People are HMB’s greatest asset. A cash bonus of $1,500 is given to any employee who refers any person that is thereafter hired by the firm.

Compensation Time

Work/life balance can be challenging at times. If an employee has to work more than the required 40 hours in a week, HMB offers flextime that can be taken as pay or vacation.

Wellness Program

Staying fit is important to each employee’s quality of life. That's why HMB offers 50% reimbursement of a gym membership and/or continuous exercise classes, such as yoga, pilates, kickboxing and more.

Social Opportunities

HMB gives employees plenty of opportunities to socialize after-hours at company-sponsored events such as quarterly mixers, sports events and family outings.

HMBers are offered a range of opportunities to improve themselves outside of the day-to-day work. Sign up for hands-on training, and take certification exams to advance your career.

Gain exposure to the latest technologies and applications. Attend some of the most well-known tech conferences in our industry, and enjoy weekly educational webinars covering a variety of cutting-edge topics brought to you by HMB University.