What Is HMB’s Grad Academy?

HMB’s Grad Academy is a 3-week program where new graduates get to know each other as they make the transition from college to career.

New grads will receive technology training, information about HMB business practices and learn how “real-world” business applications are put into practice. Technology training is ongoing throughout the year and is also provided through HMB University.


The Grad Academy Experience

A typical day in Grad Academy includes classes in the morning, lunch with an HMB team, classes in the afternoon, dinner with fellow students and then hands-on project work until the late evening. The days are long – 8am to 8pm – but the amount of insight gained in a short time span is truly astounding.

The hands-on project experience also prepares us for our first client match. These are educational opportunities that would be rare without HMB’s Grad Academy. Furthermore, we have been learning a huge number of topics, from top-level instructors ranging from general language knowledge (C#, HTML, CSS), to more in depth topics like C# Security, MVC and more.

The Grad Academy provides several amenities including a daily breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as time to relax and get to know our coworkers. There are also fun weekly outings to look forward to, including go kart racing, laser tag battles, trampoline dodgeball and happy hours!