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Struggling with Your Cloud Transformation?

Cloud platforms enable faster time to market, greater flexibility, and future-proof your business.
But, for many organizations, a complete cloud transformation is easier said than done…

It doesn't have to be this complicated...

Struggling with Your Cloud Transformation?

The cloud enables you to be productive, not busy.

Spend more time creating reliable and secure app experiences your users will love, and less time on repetitive tasks.   

Partner with HMB to simplify and accelerate your cloud transformation with a complete portfolio of services that will deliver advanced cloud solutions.

Deliver maximum impact with your business applications and data.

Rely on the cloud to build your business applications, optimize business processes and create a data culture.

Accelerate Your Cloud Migration with HMB

HMB has a plan to migrate your on-premises applications and services to the cloud securely and cost-effectively while following best-practices every step of the way.

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Our approach is iterative – each application is evaluated to determine which migration approach is most appropriate: Rehosting, Refactoring, Rearchitecting, or Rebuilding


Involve Stakeholders

Calculate Your Total Cost of Ownership

Discover and Evaluate Apps


Select a Migration Strategy

Apply the Migration Strategy

Find Recommended Tools


Analyze Your Costs

Save with Offers

Reinvest to Do More



Data Protection


Security & Governance

HMB ensures your applications and data are secure during every migration stage.

Azure Migration
Case Studies

HMB helps government agency migrate on-premises applications and data to Microsoft Azure and creates a playbook for future migrations.

HMB helps an insurance provider move web apps to Microsoft Azure, improve uptime,  launch new apps nearly instantaneously, while also eliminating many server maintenance costs.

What Makes HMB's Process So Different?

Is your Cloud Migration Stalling?

Three common challenges getting in the way of cloud success, and how to overcome them…

Ready to Start Your Cloud Transformation?

Free Strategy Session

Start with a free 60-minute strategy session where we get to know your current environment.

Cloud Assessment

We evaluate your current status and future goals to create a simple blueprint for migration success.

Action Plan

We present a quick-wins migration plan to help you harness the power of the cloud as quickly as possible.

HMB's Cloud Transformation Clients

Why Cloud Transformation Should Be a Priority

When you make cloud transformation a priority, you’ll realize the following benefits:

And when you don’t, you risk the following:

How is tech working for you?

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