ChatOps on Teams and Azure Webinar

Intelligent chatbots can be used for more than just customer service, like empowering a DevOps team’s incident monitoring and response…

Chatbots are frequently used in retail for customer service, but they can do so much more for enterprises.

ChatOps is the powerful combination of intelligent chatbots powered by machine learning, with DevOps tools and practices.

In this short webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How chatbots work, and how to easily implement them using Microsoft Azure and Teams
  • How natural language processing can make IT operations faster: “Hey Siri, reboot that VM”
  • How chatbots can be used to streamline processes other than customer service
  • The pros and cons of integrating ChatOps into your organization

By the end of this webinar you’ll learn how the ChatOps pattern can be used throughout your organization to empower IT and business users in any department.