Go With the Flow: A Guide to Business Process Automation in Salesforce

Creating apps that provide a seamless, automated customer experience has historically been challenging, time-consuming, and code-heavy.

Salesforce’s Lightning Flow Builder is here to help…

Depending on your app’s needs, you may need to integrate various systems, configure process logic, and design and build an end-user experience. With Salesforce Lightning Flow Builder, you can handle it all with ease…

In this webinar, you’ll learn how Lightning Flow Builder can:

  • Display visual screens to gather information from users
  • Automatically update records
  • Make your app available anywhere: desktop or mobile devices, internal apps, or external portals
  • Streamline complicated business processes
  • All without writing a single line of code

By the end of this session, attendees will learn the basics of the Salesforce’s Lightning Flow Builder, see how to easily utilize its features, and ultimately see an app built from start to finish in just a few short minutes!