OneDrive for Business is the enterprise cloud personal file share brought to you by Microsoft.  

In this post, take a trip around the OneDrive for Business interface and feature set and learn how your organization can leverage the app to:

  • Be more productive
  • Embrace the cloud
  • Modernize your workforce.


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What is OneDrive for Business?

Plain and simple, OneDrive from Microsoft helps connect your users with their files. Users can store, protect, share and access their files and documents from anywhere and from any of their devices.

OneDrive for Business provides a robust but easy-to-use interface packed with advanced enterprise-focused features. The tool is suitable for small businesses, enterprises, and everything in between.

Now let’s dive into some of the key features of this powerful tool…  

Navigating the features of OneDrive for Business 

OneDrive for Business can be accessed one of two ways:

OneDrive Left-Hand Navigation

When accessed from the web, such as in the screenshots below, the left-hand navigation area provides users with quick access to the most frequently used areas of OneDrive including:

  • ‘My Files’
  • Recently accessed files
  • Files shared with the user
  • Links to help you discover new files
  • Recently deleted files
OneDrive for Business Web Version Diagram

OneDrive Command Bar

Users are also provided with various command bars allowing them to:

  • Create new links, documents, or folders
  • Upload new files and folders to OneDrive
  • Synchronize their files between their devices
  • Create a new Flow using Power Automate

OneDrive Canvas

Finally, the canvas area provides your users with a look into their files and the various pieces of metadata that accompany them. Information about when the files have been modified last and whether the file has been shared with others is easily accessible from the canvas area. 

Clicking the action menu on each item allows the user to perform various actions on the file such as moving to a new folder, managing access to the file, downloading the file, and much more as pictured below.  

Canvas Action Menu

OneDrive for Business Search Tools

Search Tools

At the top of the dashboard, as pictured above, users can take advantage of Microsoft’s intelligent and powerful search tools to find the files they need quickly and easily.

These search features only return results and files that the user already has access to, following established security and permissions settings in place.  

Securely share files and documents

Secure Sharing Options

OneDrive for Business allows users to securely share files and documents with other users either by sharing links directly, or via email.

Sharing of files directly from OneDrive helps facilitate quick and seamless collaboration amongst your users on the files they work with the most.

These sharing features allow users to co-author and edit jointly owned files and documents on the fly.  

Work Sync Client

When accessed from the desktop, the OneDrive for Work Sync client allows users to specify folders and files on their desktop to sync with their personal OneDrive for Business accounts.

This application provides users with a Windows Explorer-like interface where they can sync files and folders both online and offline.  

Conclusion/How Can HMB help? 

OneDrive for Work makes it easier than ever to store, share, and collaborate on the files and documents that are the most important to your users.

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Want to become a OneDrive for Business pro? RSVP for our upcoming webinar for a deep-dive on how to use the app:

HMB has years of experience helping organizations of all sizes migrate their current file storage solutions to the cloud using OneDrive for Business. Contact us today to learn how we can help you along this journey to the modern cloud.