COVID-19 has obviously been a huge disruptor in our every day and work lives.

Traditional offices have had to transform into remote environments, the healthcare industry is faced with analyzing huge volumes of test results, the finance industry is receiving loan requests in unprecedented numbers. 

The list of new challenges is multiplying, but the basic requirements of business remain the same: 

  • Increase revenue and lower costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Reduce compliance risk

Successful businesses are looking for innovative ways to address these challenges as quickly and efficiently as possible – and many have found the answer to be automation. 

Just think about how the PC or the Internet has changed our approach to work, our processes, and our workflows. 

We believe that AI, computer vision, cloud, and big data are now converging to create another disruption point: Automation.

HMB is a big believer in the future of RPA and as such has partnered with the leader in RPA solutions, UiPath.

UiPath Leaders in RPA - Gartner & Forrester

Automation Is The Next Innovation For Businesses

Robotic Process Automation can be used to:

  • Eliminate manual, repetitive tasks
  • Make decisions based on set rules
  • Integrate with existing applications

This not only allows you to get more work done with less, but it also frees up your existing workforce to work on more meaningful and engaging work.

For many industries and departments, COVID-19 has led to an influx of work needed to be done. 

With no time to hire and train new employees, especially given the new workplace restrictions, organizations are scrambling for answers. 

Forward-thinking organizations have been utilizing RPA and bots to help mitigate the unexpected surges in work and helping get workers transitioned from on-prem to remote as quickly as possible.

Here are a few real examples:

  1. An insurance company utilized UiPath bots to automate processes that set up employees for working remotely. Bots created an easier, error-free registration of new equipment, set up users for VPNs, and associated employee IDs with the registration number of the new equipment.
  2. A financial services company started receiving an influx of complaints from customers on concerns caused by COVID-19. The company turned to automation to quickly acknowledge customer complaints. This helps keep customers up to date as quickly as possible while also meeting regulatory requirements.
  3. Top US banks needed to process a flood of SMB loans due to the CARES Act. UiPath has helped two of the top three US banks automate the issuance of loans by developing an automation that extracts borrower information and uploads to the SBA portal. One bank experienced a 90% reduction in upload time.
  4. UiPath Sets up Bots to Detect High-Risk COVID-19 Cases. Emails are flooding in from individuals concerned they might have COVID-19. These emails would be virtually impossible to sift through manually, so UiPath created an attended bot to monitor centralized inboxes. The automation scans and escalates emails that are likely to be higher risk based on predefined rules.

You can read more about ways UiPath is helping companies navigate the challenges of COVID-19 here:

In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more about how RPA can benefit your business, sign-up for HMB’s upcoming RPA Webinar on Thursday, May 14 at 12 PM EST.

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You’ll learn how you and your organization can get started on your RPA journey by:

  • Developing an automation strategy
  • Identifying business processes that are good candidates for automation
  • Understanding the ROI and how automation can transform your organization
  • Exploring a real-world example with Fujitsu

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