By Jim Everett, HMB’s Director of Solution Engineering

Cloud computing is sweeping through the enterprise world with its promise of scalability, elasticity, and cost reduction. 

However, the ROI for mid-market companies moving to the cloud can be harder to see…

Here are three unique reasons mid-market-companies should get to the cloud:

1 - Employee Mindshare 

Your existing employees’ time and focus (mindshare) are your most valuable and innovative resources. You can’t afford to invest their mindshare in maintaining an aging technology portfolio.

New competitors are disrupting established markets with new products and solutions driven by technology. Making use of the cloud will streamline your operational costs, boost productivity, and free your best asset, your people, to focus on innovation.  

2 - Data Warehousing at Discount Warehousing pricing  

Data is the new fuel for the engine of business. Companies of the future will thrive using data to increase efficiency, dynamically generate customer experiences, and identify future trends first. Traditional Data Warehouse projects were something only the largest companies could implement.

Mid-market companies couldn’t afford petabytes of data storage and the expensive projects required to wrangle all their data into a single view of the business.

The low cost of storage in the cloud coupled with powerful cloud-enabled data tools means mid-market companies can now achieve quick returns on their investments via iterative changes and gain new insights. Once in the cloud, they’re able to activate their data using AI and Machine Learning in ways never thought possible before. 

3 - Security and Resilience 

The threat of cyber-attacks is increasing every day, and it’s not just the largest enterprises being targeted. Mid-market companies need robust security strategies to identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover from cyber security threats. Mid-market companies can’t afford large security teams and dedicated Security Operations Centers. 

Cloud providers employ armies of security professionals and have the tools and offerings to allow your business to operate and thrive in this modern cyber world. Moving to the cloud allows mid-market companies to use these secure platforms as a base for their modern security programs.

HMB can help get your company to cloud to innovate, securely!

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