A Summer with HMB

Jul 24, 2018 by Rylan Lee

In a shag rug- and Pac-Man-adorned room, I peered at the display of books on a coffee table. Next to me, my co-worker’s head swiveled back and forth as she tried to discern a relationship to the movie posters on the wall. Behind us, some other co-workers counted stickers on the back of a mannequin. Although I was in the middle of contributing to our collective ability to escape the room, I paused for a brief second.

It struck me that this was something of a metaphor —a microcosm, if you will. 

Alongside the heatwave and thunderstorms, HMB ushered in a class of interns this summer. And full disclosure: yours truly is one of them …so throw any hopes of objectivity out the window.

We all have different backgrounds—some of us nearing graduation, others just beginning sophomore year, and our majors span the playing field, from Physics to English. Yet over the past eight weeks, what we did have in common was HMB.

And, see, that’s the epiphany I had. That escape room—even its 80s dance party theme in some ways—was my internship. I only had a set amount of time to solve a handful of problems, but I had a team of peers alongside for the ride.

1980s Dance Party Escape Room

Interning at HMB has been so much more than a desk and a list of “to-do’s.” It’s been a taste of HMB life. On top of the projects we’ve contributed to, my fellow interns and I have gotten to know coworkers, attend informational Grad Academy sessions and go to company-sponsored outings, like that Escape Room.

After introductions and unofficial-official seat assignments, our internship kicked off in conjunction with HMB’s Grad Academy (plug: check out my blog on this!). We attended morning stand-ups where we shared our burgeoning progress and sat in a host of different Grad Acad sessions, the topics of which ranged from requirement writing to professional communication.

Once Grad Academy wrapped up, it was full-steam ahead in our respective departments. I’ve spent my time here absorbed in all things marketing (read as: writing, writing and more writing), but my internship compatriots have been involved with a host of other projects. From a PSA project to developing an app from scratch, we’ve had our hands full (and our fingers flying)!

But it wasn’t all work and no play. Our internship was filled with moments—big and small—to step away from the desk. We got to know key company members of the company over lunch, and we were given the opportunity to attend after-hour, company-sponsored events. I got to take, for example, my little cousin to his first live soccer game at HMB’s night at the Crew soccer game.

Recently, we all got together to chat about our experiences during the internship. You know the saying: hindsight is 20/20. Looking back, it’s unanimous that we’ve all grown—both as people, learning more about our interests and talents, and as professionals, better prepared for careers in the IT world or elsewhere.

From Day 1—when faces were still new and our backpacks still clean—to this final, last day, I’m sure that I’m not alone in feeling that my time here has been valuable...both to HMB and myself.

I think the quotes below from a few of my fellow interns accurately reflect our experiences here:

“I’ve seen a lot of different aspects of HMB, which is good. It’s a good experience.”
—Grace, App Development Practices Intern.

“They’ve really helped us understand things. So I can see they really care about the interns, and they want us to have a positive experience.”
—Jack, App Development Practices Intern.

“I get asked at least once a week ‘Are you having fun with what you’re doing? Would you rather be doing something else?’ I feel like that question comes up all the time just because they want you to enjoy what you’re doing.”
—Brandon, App Development Practices Intern.

Thanks again for the great experience, HMB!

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