This blog contains excerpts from How to Leverage Microsoft Tools to Make Your Windows 10 Migration Easier, part of HMB’s Seamless Migration to Windows 10 series.

You’re Going To Like This Microsoft Tool.

If you’re following our Windows 10 series, you know that there are a variety of (mostly) no-cost, readily available tools that can make your migration a lot easier. One of those tools is Microsoft Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit(ADK).

ADK is a free, comprehensive toolkit that contains everything you need to customize Windows images for large-scale deployment, test the quality and performance of your system and speed deployment.

We use ADK for mid- to large-size/enterprise migrations. Its proven to help save time and smooth deployment with fewer issues, creating a better end-user experience and enabling faster adoption.

There are numerous modules within ADK. Though not an exhaustive list, following is a run-down of those that you are likely to find helpful in your Windows 10 migration:   

What’s Next? 

In our next blog, we’ll review important timing considerations for your Windows 10 migration.