Right-sizing project management is critical to project success and cost savings.  Too often, smaller projects are forced to use a methodology that has a list of project deliverables as long as your arm.  This often results in too much overhead as the project team attempts to treat each project identically, with the same deliverables, tools, and processes.

The “one size fits all” approach ends up being “one size doesn’t fit any.” The number of processes required for a new system implementation is significantly different from the number of processes required to deploy an enhancement release. From an infrastructure perspective, infrastructure consolidation projects adopting virtualization technologies are different from in-house application development processes.

Many companies use a “t-shirt size” approach where the project methodology and deliverables are pre-defined to meet a t-shirt size.  They give the project a small, medium, large or x-large sizing early on during the planning process.  While this is better than the “one-size fits all” approach, it isn’t a custom fit.  This approach can work if the sizing takes into account the project complexity, technology, budget, scope, and change management.  Unfortunately, most companies only look at the budget when determining the size and complexity of the project.

How does HMB determine the project approach?  With the HMB Delivery Experience.

HMB truly customizes the project approach and deliverables to each client’s individual projects.  Taking the time to plan and align project deliverables upfront can ensure the project tracks to schedule and focuses on the work that needs to be accomplished without overburdening the project with too much overhead. 


  1. Understand the objectives and requirements of the project
  2. Take an inventory of the current processes and identify templates, end-user requirements and guidelines to maximize outcomes
  3. Define the project approach to ensure the initiative is aligned with the client’s business plan and IT strategic vision


  1. Leverage HMB’s Estimation Model to develop a realistic budget that accounts for all aspects of the project
  2. Select the right HMB methodology – incremental development or agile
  3. Tailor the approach to meet the specific client needs


HMB’s multilayered experience ensures clients that they have partnered with the right team. An initial benchmark meeting helps the team true success metrics. Ongoing communication with all stakeholders enables HMB to manage client expectations and project scope throughout the HMB delivery experience.

Consider HMB’s project methodology approaches – agile and incremental development – as a toolkit available for each project; not a recipe that needs to be followed exactly to ensure success.

Project leadership should recognize these differences and tailor the processes to the scope of the project. The HMB Delivery Experience can be customized by identifying the inventory of tasks and process deliverables that should be removed or customized to fit the scope of each project.

HMB offers the framework, templates, and processes to deliver any project, any size. If you are tired of “off the rack” project management solutions and are ready for a tailored project management solution that is the perfect fit for your company, contact HMB for more information.