Mobile Solutions

Mobilize your assets. Enhance your competitive advantage.

What's the result of a strong mobile strategy? A stronger competitive advantage to help you succeed in today's increasingly complex business environment. Smartphones and tablets are changing what today's customers demand and the way we do business. With the right mobile business solution in place you can more effectively assist customers, improve conversions and retention rates, support remotely dispatched workers, speed time to complete requests, enhance service and reduce mounds of paperwork.

What Mobile Solutions Mean to You

  • Empower your employees to do their jobs more efficiently
  • Improve access to information across distributed environments
  • Reduce paperwork and the opportunity for error
  • Enable customers to get the information they need on the go
  • Give customers a richer experience to improve conversions and retention

Whether you are in the early planning phases of a mobile application strategy or already have a solution in place, our team of mobile experts can help. From pinpointing optimal outcomes to determining the most appropriate mobile application development platform, we help you identify and implement the best approach. We call this the HMB Delivery Experience.

Throughout our collaborative process, we will:

  • Assess your current mobile landscape
  • Enhance or build a custom mobile solution
  • Create a mobile application with a rich, end-user experience
  • Determine the most appropriate solution for your responsive and mobile website
  • Enable your employees to access valuable SharePoint information from their devices

To learn more, download our Mobile Solutions one sheet Download a PDF

Technology Capabilities

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Mobile 6
  • Tablet PCs, iPad
  • HTML5
  • Kony
  • Adobe
  • Titanium
  • Visual Studio 2005, 2008
  • Cloud-powered development
  • SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013
  • CSS3
  • HMB is not just another highly skilled service provider; they care about the solution they are providing their customers and how it will continue to serve them in the future.

    IT Director
    County Government Systems
  • HMB has consistently provided high quality .NET developers to our team.  The rapid ramp up and ability to become quickly productive for the project has not been matched by any other consultants.  We are very pleased with HMB's high performing, business-minded developers.

    IT Director
    Manufacturing Industry (Precision Instruments, Weights & Measures)
  • The HMB team has established themselves as not just a vendor but a partner in helping us achieve our mission. They believe and live with us our value of 'be so good they can’t ignore us.'

    Senior Director
    Educational Non-Profit Organization
  • We partnered with HMB because of their track record of successful projects, the depth of their technology staff and their flexibility. HMB provided us with the right resources in a short timeframe that allowed us to meet our client commitments in a timely and cost-effective manner. 

    Vice President of Technology
    Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Consulting Industry
  • At the end of the day it comes down to doing the right thing. If you do what's right for your clients and treat your employees well, everything else falls into place. It's just that simple.

    Mark Buchy
    Partner, HMB
  • My company chose HMB over other options primarily because of their people.  They came highly recommended, but what made them stand out amongst their peers was the professionalism and expertise of their team.

    Business Application Manager
    Commercial Real Estate Industry
  • Most importantly, [HMB] seems to live by the idea that their business is not just about performing their assignments brilliantly, but also about satisfying their clients deeply.

    Business Application Manager
    Commercial Real Estate Industry
  • Professional, experienced, reliable and trustworthy sum up our relationship with HMB.

    Chief Deputy
    County Government Systems
  • Congrats to you and the team on a successful implementation!

    Senior Vice President
    Energy Industry
  • Because of [HMB’s] diligence in understanding the process, tens of thousands of reports and requests for funds passed flawlessly through the agency at speeds 10 times faster than the traditional paper methods, with some making the way to payment in minutes.

    Director of Grants Management
    State Department of Education
  • School districts planned for and received resources faster and more efficiently because of the outstanding work of HMB.

    Director of Grants Management
    State Department of Education
  • Well done! This is the A-team!

    IT Director
    Energy Industry
  • Our biggest challenge is making the changes we need as fast as possible. HMB is quick to respond and gets things done.

    Aviation Industry Software
  • HMB makes the extra effort to provide experienced developers that fit our needs.

    Senior Director of Technology
    Educational Non-Profit Organization
  • HMB exceeds their goal to deliver satisfaction by providing a service beyond our expectation.

    Vice President of Information Services
    Commercial Real Estate Industry
  • Not only are they fast and accessible, but HMB insists on doing things the right way.

    Vice President of Information Services
    Commercial Real Estate Industry
  • HMB takes initiative and ownership of the projects they work on.

    Business Intelligence Manager
    Energy Industry
  • HMB brings knowledgeable experience from the industry and integrates that skill into our business.

    Manager, IT Service Delivery
    Energy Industry
  • Their dedication to delivery and the precision of their results quantifies HMB’s strengths.

    Program Director
    Energy Industry