HMB at Code PaLOUsa, 2018

With 9 speakers and 12 talks, HMB’s thought leaders share knowledge and experience with Louisville’s technology community. 

LOUISVILLE, KY (3-15-18) – HMB, a technology solutions company with offices in Columbus, Ohio and Louisville, Kentucky, is participating in Louisville’s annual Code PaLOUsa 2018 technology conference.  9 thought leaders from HMB are contributing 12 talks covering topics ranging from how to become a full stack QA engineer to education around Blockchain. 

“Code PaLOUsa is a great tech conference that we love being a part of.”, said HMB’s VP of Solutions Jared Faris.  “Not only do get the opportunity to learn and share our knowledge, but we get to meet and collaborate with Louisville’s talented technology community over topics we all enjoy.” 

HMB has a combination of veteran and first time speakers contributing talks at Code PaLOUsa and is proud to announce them here:

patrick-badleyPatrick Badley

DiSCovering your team: A Guide to Effective Communication

Let's explore DiSC profiles, learn what they are, how to identify them, and what to do with what you've learned to make your team effective.


david-sadlonDavid Sadlon

Becoming a full-stack QA Engineer

This talk will focus on what it means to be a Full-Stack QA Engineer and how does one go about becoming the "Swiss Army Knife" of QA.

Devs throwing you a visual curveball? You need a Backstop! – Automate visual regression testing

We'll leverage some frameworks (BackstopJs) to establish our automated visual regression tests in a few demos.


brandon-rockwellBrandon Rockwell

React in the Wild: Production Edition

We will explore what it takes to build a full-scale React application, from how to utilize the framework as a team, to setting up an end-to-end software.


heath-murphyd7e7aab855a76d9e8c1aff0000afa694Heath Murphy

A beginner’s first view into Vue.js. Pun intended…

We will explore what it takes to build a full-scale React application, from how to utilize the framework as a team, to setting up an end-to-end software pipeline.

I have no idea what my PM does! Project Mgmt 101 for developers

What in the world does your PM actually do? This is a crash course into project management 101 created specifically for developers.


jim-everetteJim Everett

Project Rescue 9-1-1

In this session, we'll walk through approaches to address common causes of project failure and how to anticipate potential issues with software projects before they reach the 9-1-1 rescue stage.


brett-koenigBrett Koenig

Blockchain: Worth more than a Bitcoin?

Join me as we discover and explore what exactly blockchain is, where it is headed, and how and when you can start using it.


Cody RoseCody Rose

Does it take skills to make Skills?

This talk will give an overview of the specific steps to build an Alexa Skill, the type of skills you can create, what you will need build one, and some of the terminology you are likely to come across.


Jared Faris, HMB Thought LeaderJared Faris

Where the web is going

This talk looks at what's next for web technologies including ECMAScript 2016, Service Workers, the Fetch API and HTTP/2.

Uh, so I’m a manager…now what?

We'll talk about how to avoid drowning on day 1, how to build your leadership skills, and how to make decisions (or avoid them) to empower your team to be successful.


jon-ashJonathan Ash

Pi on the Windowsill

We will look at setting up Window 10 IoT and managing it with the Windows Device Portal. We will crack open Visual Studio, brush up on XAML and even do a bit of remote debugging.


About HMB:

A member of the Microsoft Partner Network for more than a decade, HMB helps mid-to-large-sized enterprises leverage technology solutions to meet business objectives. With a presence in Columbus, Ohio and Louisville, Kentucky. HMB’s intuitive, experienced team provides businesses with technology consulting and IT services that help its clients accelerate time to market and gain a competitive advantage quickly and efficiently. Learn more at or by calling 614.221.6831.

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